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Read My Book Whilst “Working From Home”

Hi, everyone. I’m Paul Mahoney, Managing Director at Nova Financial Group, and the author of the bestselling book, the Property Pension Plan. Are you working from home at the moment or perhaps you’ve unfortunately self isolated. Well, if you have some spare time and you’re looking to improve your financial and property investment knowledge, then my book is the perfect way to do it. It will help you better understand those things and really give you a roadmap or a blueprint for how to go about it. And hopefully therefore, help you actually implement some of those key points and improve your financial position through investing in property. There are some great reasons to invest in property at the moment for longterm success. So please go to our website where you can get it for free. It’s usually £15 on Amazon, but you can get it for free, just pay for postage. And I really hope that you enjoy it and I hope that perhaps we can be of some assistance at some point in the future. Thanks.

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