Property Summits 2020 - Nova

Property Summits 2020

Nicholas W.:                      Property Summits is a new event of its kind, one of the first in the UK. We’ve actually got five industry experts and significantly experienced in their individual fields coming together for one full day of educational seminars, panel talks and general discussions around property investment, property development and property financing to name a few key areas as well as tax and all sorts of structuring. You’re going to get a lot of information on the day. It’s a jam packed day of information education all under one roof at an exciting location in London.

Paul Mahoney:                  We spotted a gap between free education and much more expensive education and what we want to offer is very useful and valuable information at a price but, with a lot of value.

Richard Bush:                    I think an event like Property Summit is needed because there’s lots of information around in the market about how to get into property investment, but the most important thing is experience and so we’ve positioned Property Summits as a way of sharing our experience where people that are new to property investment or want to do it in a slightly different way.

Tony Gimple:                     The theme of the event is having vision for the coming decade 2020. Looking at what it means to build, run and grow professional property businesses.

Paul Mahoney:                  Most people have a strategy or they have some sort of understanding what the strategy is, but they don’t spend enough time reviewing it and actually implementing it. And that’s really a key focus to this day.

John Howard:                    It’s really important to stay focused and to be… The 2020 is great because it’s clear vision and you need a clear vision. You really need a clear vision this year.

Nicholas W.:                      I think between the five of us, there’s over 100 years worth of experience in the room on that day and you’ve got access to us all day long. So, it’ll be an exciting day.

Paul Mahoney:                  One way to summarize the event is it’s almost like a kickstart to 2020. We’ll be discussing that specifically what to expect from 2020 and how to go about it successfully, but it’s not a bad thing to start the year with a strategy in mind, and this is a great way to do that.

Tony Gimple:                     All five speakers are 100% committed to making this a high value day for you and your future.

Paul Mahoney:                  There’s a bigger gap between what works and what doesn’t. A lot of strategies that worked a few years ago don’t work now. There’s a bigger gap between a good investment and a bad investment or a good strategy and a bad strategy. Now between the five of us, we cover pretty well the full scope of property investment from quite passive, low note or one time investments through to buy to let also quite passive and right the way through to much more proactive property development.

Richard Bush:                    What we wanted to do with Property Summits is find a way where people will leave with more than they came. The idea of the day is to have lots of time for discussion, lots of time for reflection, some serious training and serious content, but how learning how to apply that to their own situation rather than just general or generic scenarios. People should leave the day with a clear idea of what their strategy might be for 2020 and beyond and how their first steps for the first few months of the year.

Tony Gimple:                     Visit our website, request more information. There are only 100 delegate places available. Very much look forward to seeing you on the day and happy new year for 2020 and let’s hope it’s successful for us all.

Property Summits

Property Summits LIVE Webinar
Property Summits LIVE Webinar
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Property Summits 2020
Property Summits 2020
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