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How Nova is Dealing With Coronavirus

Hi everyone, Paul Mahoney, Managing Director at Nova Financial Group. I want to provide an update on how we’re dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. At this point in time it’s very much business as usual. The vast majority of us are still working in the office, from our office here in the city of London. A couple of people been working from home, we’re obviously very flexible with that, but we’re very, very flexible with our clients. A lot of people aren’t wanting to come to the city for obvious reasons, so we’re conducting a lot of phone calls, and we’re fully set up with video conferencing, so that we can provide our advisory services to you from the comfort of your own home without any worries.

We will be running one to two webinars a week. We’re very conscious that a lot of the property and investment focus trade shows have been either canceled or postponed lately, but obviously people still want this educational information. We’ll be running webinars, we’re putting out daily blogs, and we’re just about to launch five new eBooks, as well as, obviously my best selling book, the Property Pension Plan, which you can get on our website.

If you are working from home, if you are seeking out property investment advice or education, then we’ve got everything that you need. There are also some very good reasons to be investing in property at the moment, we’ve just had a major interest rate cut, and we’ve had huge government stimulus announced in the recent budget, which over the long term is likely to have quite a positive impact. If you have any questions, please get in touch, or if you’d like to have more of an in-depth conversation, then feel free to make an inquiry and we can organize a phone conversation or a video conference. Thanks very much.

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