Cambridge Apartment Refurb - Part 2 - Nova

Cambridge Apartment Refurb – Part 2

We re-visit the two x 1 bed flats in Cambridge that our M.D. Paul Mahoney is renovating to see how the projects are progressing.


Elizabeth Warburton:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to Cambridge. The renovations on Paul’s two flats have been happening over the last couple of weeks, and I’ve just come today for a little sneak peek to see what’s been going on and for a chat this morning with his project manager. Head on in, and we’ll show you what’s been going on.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there have been a few delays on the project, but there has been plenty of progress with the rip out. The new kitchen has arrived, ready to be installed once the old one has been ripped out.

As you can see, they’ve already ripped out a few of the units to make way for the new pipe works for the heating system. All radiators have been replaced. The plumbing and central heating system has been upgraded and a new boiler fitted. The water tank is also out of the bedroom wardrobes, giving lots of extra valuable space for storage. New windows and doors are also going to be fitted throughout, along with new internal doors to something a little more modern.

While the kitchen rip out is happening, the bathroom and the rest of the property will move on to the next phase. A full rewire will be taking place and new modern light fittings installed throughout. The team will be in to decorate, new flooring will be laid and the new kitchen and bathroom installed.

The garden has been left to last. Nothing has actually changed since we were last here but, with a little bit of work, this garden has got amazing potential to have a huge transformation, which we will see when we come back in a few weeks time for the big reveal.

There’s been a fair bit of progress here at project one. Let’s head to project two to see what’s been going on there.

I’m back at property number two, I’m really excited to see this one as I’ve been told this one is a little bit further along the line with the renovation process. I’ve not had a chance to take a look inside, so let’s head in together to see what’s been going on.

Oh wow. It looks so different already. It feels a lot brighter, more of a welcoming feel as you walk in. The kitchen also, I’ve been told, has had the most renovation works done to it so we’ll save that room to the last. Let’s have a little look at the bathroom first. The full rip out of the old bathroom has taken place and the new bathroom furniture is ready and waiting to be installed, along with the walls and floors being finished off.

Oh, this must be the dumping ground for the rip out, and they’ve ripped out the wardrobes. That has given the room so much more space. It’s amazing what a white coat of paint can do to a room. It feels really spacious and bright in here.

Okay. It looks like there’s been a few of the internal doors changed, which is really good because the previous ones were very old fashioned. There needs to be fixture still added and they need to be glossed, but some good progress. And the natural light that comes through these windows is really flooding through this room now, especially with it bouncing off this fresh white undercoat. I’m looking forward to seeing this room finished.

The kitchen has been completely ripped out and the majority of the appliances are now installed, along with new worktops and new units. As with the rest of the property, a couple of coats of paint still need to be completed, electrical fixtures need installing still, and also the plumbing needs to be connected. And, of course, the protective sheeting needs to be removed once all the work has been completed.

It’s been great to see the amount of progress that’s been happening here over the last few weeks. We’ll be back very shortly to show you both flats, fully completed and finished. We’ll see you soon.

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