Hi, I’m Jennifer, and I’ve worked with Nova Financial since last year, so 2017. Having only worked with them for a little while, I can say I would definitely recommend them. They found out what my needs were, what I wanted to do. I met Paul at a networking seminar, he seemed quite knowledgeable. Then I had a consultancy, one-to-one meeting with one of his colleagues who looked at what I wanted to achieve. I already have a small property portfolio and I wanted to expand out of London. They had done the research already across the whole of the UK but recommended certain areas to me that they thought were hotspots and why I should take them. The Excel spreadsheet that they provide with all your financials and the projected income was very useful. Also, the Word document where you could read in more detail of the recommendations that they’ve got. I did find the service very professional and Paul’s definitely very on it. He will contact you if there’s any issues, or anything like that between yourselves and the developer. I’d definitely work with them again, I would recommend them. When I’m ready to do my next move, I think I will more than likely, or maybe even 100%, be in touch. I would recommend them to you, my friends and my family. Yeah, thumbs up for Nova Financial. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

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