I contacted Nova Financial in search of assistance for investing in property. I had done preliminary research into the property market myself and was aiming to venture into it without assistance. I then had an initial meeting with Joseph Hegarty (My dedicated client advisory) which latest 2 hours and deep dived into my goals, situation and where they thought they could offer help. I was presented with the range of services they offer and shown the excellent team they have working with them showing off the wealth of experience they have accumulated on the UK property market as a whole. I soon realised that investing into the property market without the utilisation of their knowledge would be a much greater and unnecessary risk and one i didn’t want to take. Two follow up meetings took place with members of their advisory board alongside Joe, in which they talked me through recommendations of properties backed by myriad data. I was incredibly impressed not just by the knowledge and professionalism they showed but also that they really genuinely seemed to care about the future of my portfolio and wanted to sustain an ongoing relationship for years to come in order to help me reach my goals. They weren’t just trying to shill me a product and get me out the door. All in all i couldn’t recommend there services enough and am looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Thank you to Nova and to Joe especially.

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