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Do You Want to Retire?

Property investment analytics report

Property investment is a great way to generate an income for your retirement. The three phases of your investment life tend to be:

  • wealth Creation (Building an Asset Base)
  • transition to Retirement (Transitioning)
  • retirement (Generating Cash Flow from the Asset Base)

Learn about strategies which are often overlooked in transitioning between the three phase as well as the returns required to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.

Map and
location score

To help you choose the right property

Local Demand dynamics

To help you select the right neighborhood

Rent levels

Distribution of rents to determine upper, lower & mid-market prices

Capital Values
and Transaction levels

Details in terms of house types at different catchment areas

Thought-provoking insights

Decide on investing in your residential, business or corporate space

Market structure

Based on Tenure and Type of Housing Stock


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