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Property Investment Advice

We are property investment advisors; specialising in the buy to let, rental and retirement markets. As a company Nova Financial has helped thousands of property investors realise and improve their investment opportunities by focusing on realistic and well researched investment opportunities.

Our approach to property investment is the same as any other asset class; by assessing risk versus return and focusing on fulfilling our client’s investment criteria. Nova Financial property investment advisors utilise a very stringent selection. This means we are able to focus our intelligence on ensuring only the best opportunities are shared with clients.

Property Investment Advice with Clarity

Property investment advice can come with buzz-phrases and at times terms can cloud the judgement of investments. Our approach is simple – we understand your property investment criteria and as such better understand what drives positive investment, and what the expected return on investment can be.

Using our unique approach to criteria selection means we are a leading and trusted property investment advice service, with partnerships with all major high street lenders.

It is important to consider how a buy to let property investment may impact upon the other areas of your finances. For example;

  • What are your financing affordability levels?
  • What is your cash flow position? Do you require positive cash flow or can you support a negative position?
  • What are the tax implications of the investment?
  • Is property the most suitable investment for you or are there more suitable asset classes available to meet your needs?
  • Have you amended your estate planning requirements to account for the new asset?
  • Do you have adequate levels of insurance to account for any new debt?

Why do people opt for Property Investment?

Property investment is seen as a steady income for many and over time we have seen a range of different investors from varying backgrounds manage, increase and successful investments in multiple properties.

At Nova Financial we can offer financial and property investment advice across all areas, including:

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Our buy to let and property investment clients range from first time property investments to experienced high net worth property investors.

We see most of our investors coming from the group of mums and dads looking to secure the future of a family and increase the family net worth through buy to let properties, including taking the decision to fund retirement through property investment.

Through our holistic approach we can help you gain the peace of mind required to make a confident and educated buy to let investment.


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