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7 quick facts about nova

Fact #1
Our management team have successfully advised thousands of property investors

Fact #2
We do not sell our own products or properties (we don’t have any to sell) and hence we’re able to provide objective advice that is right for your situation in an industry that tends to be very sales focused

Fact #3
We have clients all over the UK and Overseas

Fact #4
Through decades of experience in the industry, our management team have very strong relationships and are able to get you the best deal

Fact #5
We offer all the services required for property investment under one roof so you don’t have to deal with 10 different professionals

Fact #6
We offer a range of educational resources

Fact #7

We have centrally located offices in London, Birmingham & Manchester

What customers say about us



What to expect from nova financial


With over 20 years of experience in property and financial services our team have a wealth of knowledge to offer a broad range of clients.

Clear Communication

We, like most people don’t like jargon. Although it is difficult to avoid in some situations we prefer to explain complex issues in plain language. We will always ensure that you understand our advice thoroughly.

Timely Support

We pride ourselves on being available at all times and value an ongoing flexible relationship with our clients, you’ll always have access to the support you need – in person, over the phone or otherwise.


When dealing with us there will be no surprises. Any potential fees will be explained in detail prior to the provision of our services. All discussions with be frank and open.


Each person’s financial situation is different to the next in some way so there is no “one size fits all” solution. We tailor advice to meet your needs and use the criteria that we develop with you to recommend what is right for your situation.


We pride ourselves on not having our own properties or a “set list” of approved investments. We have access to the entire property market and we are not limited by a set list like many IFAs and Estate Agents. This gives you the peace of mind that our advice is solely based on what is right for you.


To discuss whether we might be able to help with a qualified advisor please contact us.


Our advice process

Unfortunately what many property investors overlook is how their investment may impact upon the other areas of their finances. For example;

1. Understanding

First we must get to know each other. We will get an understanding of your personal situation, goals and preferences from both a lifestyle & financial perspective. By writing this down and reviewing it together we can then gain an understanding of how they may best be achieved. Depending on your situation we can then start an educational process on areas of your knowledge that are yet to be developed.

Critically we must also give you an understanding of our areas of expertise, company structure and methodology to ensure you are comfortable with our new approach.

2. Analysis

We will start by analysing your situation together; often this involves an element of self-discovery as by writing your situation and goals down we can discover whether you are on track. This step allows us to get an in-depth understanding of you and allows us to form a criteria for your situation which will take into account your goals and preferences. We will review your areas of concern such as; your current portfolio, cash flow requirements, savings, tax liabilities and mortgage arrangements.

3. Strategy

Our Advisory Board will then review your criteria and discuss potential solutions to your areas of concern and ways of achieving the goals that were identified. This is a multi-faceted process in which the combined knowledge of our industry experts is applied to your criteria to determine the best strategy or property investment to fulfil your needs. In-depth research is conducted and processed into an easily understood recommendation that aims to provide you with all of the information required to make an informed decision. Keep in mind that we do not have any of our own products and we are privately owned and objective; so rest assured that the strategy and/or property investment that we determine is right for you is a completely objective decision.

4. Recommendation

This step involves explaining to you the process that was followed in step 3. All analysis and research is presented to you along with a solution to your needs. For example a strategy or property portfolio that fulfils your cash flow and potential capital growth requirements. As we take an objective approach, we will compare our recommendations to other options in the market to give you peace of mind that it is the right solution for you. All advice is supported by third party research to further instil confidence during your decision making process.

5. Implementation

This is the most important step of the process as until now we have not made any real improvement to your situation, so action is critical. Assuming that you are happy with the solutions that we have recommended, we will then guide you through the process of implementing our advice. If required, we will recommend the most suitable third party services and make the process easy and hassle free.

6. Ongoing Advice

Reviewing a strategy is paramount, we must determine that you are still on track through subsequent reviews and strategy optimisation. We must also account for economic and/or legislative changes that have the potential to impact you or your strategy and/or investments.

We find that many clients often make one investment and then fall back into their old ways of procrastination. We will do our best to assist you in avoiding this situation as we value an ongoing and successful relationship with all of our clients.

So if you like our new approach contact us and Welcome to Nova!


Our advisors

All nova advisors hold an investment or finance specific qualification and most a Bachelor degree as a minimum whilst many possess further education. While these qualifications have taken many years to attain, their practical experience of helping clients achieve their goals is also fundamental to their success.

At Nova, our advisors want to guarantee that our services remain relevant in this constantly changing world. To achieve this, they are dedicated to their development and learning, making sure their technical knowledge and interpersonal skills remain current in today’s market.

We believe that caring for your client must be part of your DNA and is very difficult to train so it is something that we look for when hiring people.

We are as committed to nurturing the career growth of our staff as we are to our clients, if you like our approach and want to join our team contact us.


The steps towards your financial freedom with Nova Financial

Is property investment right for you?
Forming a personal criteria for your specific situation
Research and due diligence
Sourcing the best property investments
Mortgage advice and arrangement
Managing acquisition process
Managing acquisition process
Review and reinvest