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+ Why do I need a Nova Advisor?

Because we have the qualifications, industry experience and the vast network of industry professionals you need to create a tailor made strategy and/or investment selection, designed to secure the everyday freedom to which you aspire.

Whatever your goals and values, the road to financial freedom is often complex and it can be costly, both in time and money. Why leave it all to chance? By engaging a qualified advisor you can sleep well knowing that your financial affairs are in order. With tailored advice, you can begin your journey to discover and/or protect wealth.

At Nova we appreciate that there are those who have the time and know-how required to carve out their financial path, unassisted. However, we also appreciate that won’t be the case for everyone and we work with many clients who take a DIY approach in filling any knowledge or network gaps that they may have. We educate and guide our clients and prepare them for whatever the future holds, which allows them to discover wealth and the everyday freedom to enjoy the life of their choosing.

+ Do I need a qualified advisor for a direct investment in property?

For most the answer to this question is a resounding Yes! An advisor can give you the guidance that comes from lengthy industry experience and accredited qualifications.

If you were ill would you Google the solution? or would you go to the doctor? The same applies when it comes to making an investment in property or putting together a financial strategy. There is masses of information available on the internet these days and in self help books but what these fail to consider is your personal circumstances.

We at Nova have the time, ability and experience to consider your values and goals and determine what the best available options may be. This has been developed through formal training and vast industry to experience.

+ What will Nova do for me?

No two client situations are the same so the answer is different for each client.

Everyone has a unique situation, goals and preferences. At Nova, we aim to identify those differences and use them to tailor specific recommendations and strategies, specifically designed to achieve your goals.

Some of the common goals we find our clients have are:

  • Financial freedom – the ability to retire if you want to by achieving sufficient passive income.
  • Financial security – the ability to account for the unforeseen and still be on track toward your goals regardless of unfortunate events.
  • Peace of mind – knowing that the financial decisions you have made were made for the right reasons.
  • Wealth protection – you have the asset base but want to know that it is safe and invested correctly.
+ How does Nova decide on products and investments?

That’s determined by you, your goals and the vehicles you’ll need to achieve them.

At Nova we see products as solutions to your goals and not influencers. That is, we are not product driven. Our core business is about understanding your values and goals; only then do we advocate product suitability within your portfolio. As your trusted advisor, we look beyond the numbers to ensure there is a strategic fit towards discovering wealth.

+ How is Nova paid?

The choice is yours!

At Nova we love what we do and in a ideal world we would do it for free. The reality is that we are a commercial organisation and need to be paid for our services.

This can be done in two ways;

1. Fee for service – with this option clients pay us an agreed fee to provide them with our services.The level of this fee depends on the complexity and level of service required to achieve your goals.

2. Commission – that we receive on your purchase of a product or investment. For example in the case of property investment there is in most cases an agents fee available on the transaction which can eliminate the burden on our client’s cash flow and make our valuable service completely complimentary. We are of the belief that if the vendor or developer is willing to pay us then why should you?

Regardless of the remuneration option that our clients choose, our services remains completely objective and unbiased. Remember we do not have any of our own products and have access to the entire property market and most lenders which enables us to be objective. If having this option seems a bit scary then we will always provide guidance on what we think works best in your situation.

+ What qualifications do Nova advisors have?

Unlike many advisors especially in the property industry, most Nova Financial advisors hold a Bachelor degree and an Finance/ Investment Specific qualification as an absolute minimum. Individual advisers also hold other further education and specialist accreditation. We believe that although these qualifications have taken many years to attain, they are simply a starting point as practical experience of helping clients achieve their goals is also fundamental to success. At Nova all our advisers are committed to continue learning, ensuring their technical knowledge and interpersonal skills remain relevant in this constantly changing world.

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