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Central to our philosophy is our passion for direct property investment, buy to let mortgages and clear investment advice.

We are financial advisors; specialising in buy to let property investment, in an industry that tends to be very equities focused. We prefer our clients to have full control and flexibility of property and buy to let investments.

We approach property investment the same way as we would any other asset class; by assessing risk versus return and focusing on fulfilling our client’s investment criteria. We utilise a very stringent selection criteria and although we review thousands of opportunities from all over the UK, we only select the most suitable for in-depth analysis and potential recommendation.

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A logical approach

To buy to let investment

Property investments

We have found that many approach property investments in a rather ad-hoc fashion often utilising catchphrases such as “location, location, location” and “the worst house on the best street” and “the value is in the land”.

This is in some cases used as the sole criteria without properly considering and understanding what will drive the investment, and what an expected return on investment is going to be.

Now although these phrases can hold true in some situations, to be effective the individual investment selection process must be multifaceted and consider a range of criteria to achieve the best possible outcome. We make buy to let property investment easy by providing our clients with the information they need to make a confident and educated investment.

It is important to consider how a buy to let property investment may impact upon the other areas of your finances. For example;

  • What are your financing affordability levels?
  • What is your cash flow position? Do you require positive cash flow or can you support a negative position?
  • What are the tax implications of a property investment?
  • Is property the most suitable investment for you or are there more suitable asset classes available to meet your needs?
  • Have you amended your estate planning requirements to account for the new asset?
  • Do you have adequate levels of insurance to account for any new debt?

“Overall a great experience, a pleasure working with Saeid Ansari especially and all the team at Nova Financial have been very professional and very supportive. Experts in their field and answered all my questions in great detail which fills you with (...)”


“I met Joseph from Nova Financial at an investment event late last year and arranged a consultation. The meeting was extensive, he covered off on our finances/income etc. and what is the reason we were investing in the first place. We had actually (...)”


Buy to let property investment

Right for you?

As an income stream a buy to let property investment can seem like a fantastic idea

But before any decisions are made it is essential to consider property markets, management of the property and long term gains.

At Nova Financial we will ensure the following elements of an investment are considered and discussed in relevance to any potential investment which may be made:

  • Stamp duty on buy to let properties
  • Tax implications on a buy to let property
  • Getting the right mortgage
  • Understanding the impact of economic swings
  • Local property market reports
  • Expected income vs. expected outgoings
  • The potential of retiring through buy to let properties
  • Claiming and managing costs

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About Property Investment

Our buy to let and property investment clients range from first time property investments to experienced high net worth property investors.

We see most of our investors coming from the group of mums and dads looking to secure the future of a family and increase the family net worth through buy to let properties, including taking the decision to fund retirement through property investment.

Through our holistic approach we can help you gain the peace of mind required to make a confident and educated buy to let investment.

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The steps towards your financial freedom with Nova Financial

  • Is property investment right for you?
  • Forming a personal criteria for your specific situation
  • Research and due diligence
  • Sourcing the best property investments
  • Mortgage advice and arrangement
  • Property management (at discounted rate)
  • Review and reinvest
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